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Responsible Electronics Recycling
Secure Data Destruction

ACT Secured Recycling Pickup Policy

In accordance with MA DEP and federal EPA standards, ACT Secured Recycling reserves the right to exercise discretion as to whether any of the proposed materials are acceptable for proper recycling within our program guidelines.

ACT Secured Recycling reserves the right to refuse any material at any time for any reason. If you have monitors and or terminals with broken glass call for consultation and/or exemption.

Items acceptable for recycling
PCs, Laptops & Accessories
Complete Monitors (CRT & LCD)
Complete Terminals
Input Peripherals
Output Peripherals
Wires and Cables
Fax Machines
Printers, Parts and Peripherals
Circuit Boards
Power Supplies
PC Media Drives, etc.
Software, CD, Floppy Disks, etc.
Audio/Video Equipment
Post Production Equipment
VCRs, DVDs & Camcorders
Electrical Equipment
Electrical Ballasts
Medical Equipment
Projection Systems
Server Racks/Flooring
Networking Equipment
Communication Equipment
Electronic Test Equipment
Cell Phones
Office Phone Systems
Telecommunications Equipment
Broadcast Equipment
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Items NOT acceptable for recycling
Monitors or Terminals w/Smashed Glass
Microwave Ovens
Biohazardous/Toxic Materials
ANY Dry or Liquid Chemical Waste
Household Appliances
Industrial Scrap and Machinery
Fluorescent Tube Lighting
TVs (Special circumstances apply. Please
call for conditions and pricing)

If any of the above unacceptable materials are found within received scrap, supplier will be issued an invoice for any additional disposal costs as well as any shipping and handling or regulatory charges associated with the material?s transport, or the materials will simply be returned to the supplier at our discretion.


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