Get rid of those

old monitors.

We accept all CRT and LCD monitors.

ACT Secured Recycling is committed to safeguarding the environment by safely recycling end-of-life electronics. If we determine that your old monitors can no longer be re-used or resold, we begin the recycling process.

As a facilitator of e-scrap, we do not recycle components in-house. Instead, we partner with EPA-certified recyclers across the country. These pre-qualified recyclers specialize in the safe disposal of glass, plastic, metals and hazardous chemicals and follow de-manufacturing procedures that comply with all federal and state regulations.

We take pride in being part of the global solution to the growing problem of e-waste and its hazardous effect on the environment!

View our Massachusetts D.E.P Letter of Compliance.

NAID Member - Electronics Recycling
Member of Mass Recycling - Computer Recycling
DOD Compliant - Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction
ISO 14001 International Certification - Electronics Recycling
A+ BBB Rating - Electronics Recycling and Computer Recycling