Generate revenue with
old electronics.

Electronics Remarketing

ACT Secured Recycling believes that the best form of recycling is actually re-use. By offering an electronics buyback program, we can help prolong the life of useful equipment and keep it out landfills as long as possible.

Our resale program targets newer electronics that we can refurbish and reintroduce into the marketplace. We purchase the equipment from you, secure all the data, and resell the equipment. It’s good for the planet and good for your bottom line!

Electronics Buy-Back Program Options:


We evaluate any electronic equipment you no longer using. Then we load everything that has resale value into our truck and cut you a check. We pay top dollar for computers, monitors, servers, cell phones, and a variety of components.


We haul away ALL of your old electronic equipment. Anything that has resale value earns you credit to cover the disposal cost of items that are too old or out-dated to be useful. Often, customers discover that slightly older stock-piled technology can actually be resold to reduce or eliminate the recycling costs for older equipment.

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