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Responsible electronics recycling

An estimated 50 million tons of e-waste are produced worldwide each year. According to the EPA, up to 85 percent of it goes directly into landfills and incinerators. For a quarter of a century, ACT Secured Recycling has been committed to reversing that trend.

Our hassle-free electronics recycling solutions allow organizations to get rid of excess or obsolete inventory in an environmentally-friendly way. We handle all the logistics and legalities, so you can focus on your core business objectives.

How Our Process Works

1.  We pick up your outdated electronics for FREE.

Call us at 978-725-9599 or fill out a form to schedule your free pick-up today. We will haul away all your old computers, monitors, and peripherals, regardless of their condition.

2.  We re-market or recycle your equipment.

We sort through your equipment to determine which items have resale value. If we can’t re-market an item, we disassemble it and work with component recyclers to dispose of all the parts in an environmentally-responsible way.

3.  We share the profits (or costs) with you.

Depending on the precise mix of items in your pick-up, you might receive a check for items that were resold or a bill for costs we incurred during recycling.

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About Our Services

We work hard to resell as much old equipment as possible. If we determine that a particular item has no re-sale value, we break it down to the component level for recycling. We partner with certified electronics recycling firms throughout the U.S. to provide environmentally safe disposal of component materials.

You can trust ACT Secured Recycling to provide:


ACT Secured Recycling is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, Inc. We remove all company ID tags and software before the resale or recycling process begins. Then we ensure that your corporate information remains proprietary with DoD-compliant data wiping or physical drive destruction.


We follow all state and federal regulations for the proper disposal of toxic and hazardous e-waste and use only pre-qualified domestic licensed recyclers that specialize in glass, plastic, metals and hazardous chemicals. When your e-scrap has been safely disposed of, we provide a Certificate of Destruction to satisfy your legal obligations.


Our clients value our professionalism and logistical expertise. We will work within your parameters to ensure that we remove your old and obsolete equipment with no disruption to your daily workflow.

View the complete list of acceptable recyclables.