Electronics Recycling in Boston

Boston Electronics Recycling for Companies and Non-Profits 

We have been providing responsible and effective computer recycling solutions to companies for 30+ years.

Our simple and hassle-free approach allows organizations to get rid of those old computers, monitors, printers, and other pieces of equipment in an environmentally-friendly way. We handle it all — including the equipment pick up at your Boston office so you can be worry-free.

And, because we work hard to resell everything that comes to us, you could earn some money if the equipment can be resold.  But even if it cannot, you’ll finally have it out of your Boston office and feel good that it is being recycling appropriately.

How Our Boston Electronics Recycling Process Works

1.  We pick up your outdated electronics in Boston for FREE.

Call us at 978-725-9599 or fill out a form to schedule your free pick-up today. We will haul away all your old computers, monitors, peripherals, and other e-waste regardless of their condition.

2.  We resell or recycle your equipment.

We sort through your equipment to determine which items have resale value. If we can’t resell an item, we disassemble it and work with component recyclers to dispose of all the parts in an environmentally-responsible way. With ACT, we properly take care of your e-waste.

3.  We share the profits (or costs) with you.

Depending on the precise mix of items in your pick-up, you might receive a check for items that were resold or a bill for costs we incurred during recycling.

We service all the Boston neighborhoods:

  • Allston
  • Back Bay
  • Bay Village
  • Beacon Hill
  • Brighton
  • Charlestown
  • Chinatown
  • Dorchester
  • Downtown
  • East Boston
  • Fenway Kenmore
  • Hyde Park
  • Jamaica Plain
  • Mattapan
  • Mission Hill
  • North End
  • Roslindale

Boston Electronic Waste Recycling by ACT

We work hard to resell as much old equipment as possible. If we determine that a particular item has no re-sale value, we break it down to the component level for recycling. We partner with certified electronics recycling firms throughout the U.S. to provide environmentally safe disposal of component materials.

No matter your needs…from a used laptops to recycle or a whole server farm (or any other ewaste recycling), you can  trust ACT Secured Recycling to provide:


ACT Secured Recycling is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, Inc. We remove all company ID tags and software before the resale or recycling process begins. Then we ensure that your corporate information remains proprietary with DoD-compliant data wiping or physical drive destruction.


We follow all state and federal regulations for the proper disposal of toxic and hazardous e-waste and use only pre-qualified domestic licensed recyclers that specialize in glass, plastic, metals and hazardous chemicals. When your e-scrap has been safely disposed of, we provide a Certificate of Destruction to satisfy your legal obligations.


Our clients value our professionalism and logistical expertise. We will work within your parameters to ensure that we remove your old and obsolete equipment with no disruption to your daily workflow.

Full List of Recyclables

In accordance with MA DEP and federal EPA standards, ACT Secured Recycling reserves the right to exercise discretion as to whether any of the proposed materials are acceptable for recycling within our program guidelines. But, if you have any questions with your electronic waste recycling needs, do not hestitate to contact us.  

What We CAN Recycle:

PCs, Laptops & Accessories


Complete Monitors (CRT & LCD)

Complete Terminals

Input Peripherals

Output Peripherals

Wires and Cables

Fax Machines

Printers, Parts and Peripherals

Circuit Boards

Power Supplies

PC Media Drives, etc.

Software, CD, Floppy Disks, etc.

Audio/Video Equipment

Point of Sale Equipment

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


Projection Systems

Server Racks/Flooring

VCRs, DVDs & Camcorders

Cell Phones

Office Phone Systems

Telecommunications Equipment

Broadcast Equipment

Electronic Test Equipment

Electrical Ballasts

Communication Equipment

Networking Equipment

Electrical Equipment

Medical Equipment

What We Can NOT Accept:

If any of these unacceptable materials are turned in, the materials may be returned to the supplier at our discretion and the supplier will be billed for any additional disposal, regulatory, or shipping/handling charges we incur.

Monitors or Terminals w/Smashed Glass

Microwave Ovens

Household Appliances

Fluorescent Tube Lighting

Televisions (TVs)

Industrial Scrap and Machinery

Biohazardous/Toxic Materials

ANY Dry or Liquid Chemical Waste


Questions about electronic waste recycling? Contact us today so we can pick up your equipment in Boston!

NAID Member - Electronics Recycling
Member of Mass Recycling - Computer Recycling
DOD Compliant - Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction
ISO 14001 International Certification - Electronics Recycling
A+ BBB Rating - Electronics Recycling and Computer Recycling